What kids think of wearable technology

Wearable World has created a video that discusses what young children think of wearable technologies, including what parts of their bodies they would wear such devices and what they would be used for. While a few kids had legitimate uses for wearables, including speaking into it and accessing the internet, other children had cute and innocent responses like using them to tie their shoelaces or to get a unicorn… 

While most of the ideas in the video are far-fetched, the reality is that these children will be part of the first generation that will be able to embrace wearables like Google Glass and Android Wear as they grow up. My own parents thought I was spoiled to own a black-and-white Gameboy Pocket, but even I am starting to feel outdated as a twenty-year-old college student that grew up during the rise of the internet and personal computers.

Wearables are the future indeed.