Is Jawbone up for sale?

Jawbone Up colors

TechCrunch has been hearing that Jawbone might be up for sale. It could be either a smart move for a company that is about to face strong competition from not only its current competitor, but new comers too.

Companies that have been making wearables and other fitness trackers for a while have an exciting yet tough road ahead of them. On one hand, the market is just about to open up, but on the other hand, tech giants such as Google, Samsung, and Apple want to grab the larger piece of the market, and arguably have the financial means to.

This being said, these companies are going to have to make a decision soon: either give up and sell out to a larger company, or stay on your own and hope to have a product that will be more appealing than the rest. Companies like Nike have already made their decision when the announced giving up the FuelBand and refocus on software instead of hardware.

The Jawbone rumors could be just that: rumors. Or they could be real and mark the start of an industry that is about to consolidate a bit. TechCrunch notes that Apple, Google, and Microsoft could all be potential buyers.

Personally, I doubt Apple would be interested in either the tech or the talent behind Jawbone. Google is kind of a wildcard as it’s proven to buy just about anything that has a price tag or not on it. As for Microsoft, they seem to make the most sense to me, mostly because the Redmond company has yet to make an entrance in the wearable market. You could actually say the same thing about Apple, but with rumors of a Beats buyout, as well as strong indications of a future iWatch, the Cupertino company seems to be doing just fine.