Kairos wants to be the first mechanical smartwatch

Kairos black

When thinking about smartwatches, the last thing that might come to your mind is a mechanical movement. After all, smartwatches are just a piece of electronics, or are they really? Kairos intends to prove that a watch doesn’t have to be completely made of electronics to be considered smart.

The startup has two different models coming sometimes this year, both sporting a transparent color OLED display that can give you the look of real fashionable watch at a time, and the look and capabilities of a smartwatch when you need it.

Notifications, push alerts, remote control, and fitness tracking are some of the features of the Kairos. As noted in the spec sheet below, the watch comes with Kairos OS, or Android Wear OS as an option.

Starting at $499 and going all the way to $1,199, you can pre-order a Kairos right now at 50 to 60% discount. At this price, it’s hard to put so much trust in a company that has yet to release a product, but if you can see passed this hurdle, then go to Kairos.com to pre-order your watch.

Kairos tech specs

Bluetooth BLE (4.0)

TOLED RGB Full color (36mm x 1mm)
40% transparency
Optional Choice:
ICON Type Transparent Display (Static icons, Numbers & English text only)
60% transparency

Touch sensor, 3 axis accelerometer w/ gesture detection, Gyroscope

Arm Cortex M4 / Intel (TBD)

180mAh (5-7 days)
Battery power is expected to perform better than competitors due to the fact that power is not consumed in order to “display time”. Power is only consumed when alerts are pushed through to the watch.

USB charging cable with magnetic connector

Operating System:
Kairos OS (Compatible with IOS + Android)
Optional: Android Wear OS